Migration Encounters collects, preserves and shares the stories of undocumented and returning immigrants in order to promote awareness of and solidarity with the migrant experience.

We believe that education is a critical first step in confronting the biases that cloud our conversations about undocumented immigration and deportation. By providing a platform for migrants to tell their stories in their own words, we seek to broaden understanding of the aspirations, contributions, struggles and resilience of the millions of undocumented lives derailed by societal intolerance and government policies.

Migration Encounters invites readers to see themselves reflected in the lives of the storytellers. We hope that by recognizing our shared humanity we can find common purpose in building a more equitable, inclusive and just society.

Luis Aguilar

Luis Aguilar was raised in California on Saturday morning cartoons and cereal. At an early age he discovered that he was brought illegally into the US. Tired of being exploited in the workforce since the tender age of fourteen and frustrated by the lack of opportunities, Luis decided to go back to Mexico and pursue higher education. He obtained a degree in Economics and currently works as a software developer.

Migration Encounters Team Member Luis Aguilar

Sergio Diaz

Sergio Diaz Luna was born and raised in Pomona, CA, a community whose residents are predominantly working-class and Latino. He watched his parents struggle as undocumented immigrants and knew he wanted to do something to help families like his. While earning a B.A. in Political Science from Haverford College, he volunteered extensively for Latin students and immigrant communities and became involved in migration research. Upon graduating, he continued this interest professionally as a legal assistant helping unaccompanied minors and their families navigate the US immigration system. He also served as a college access advisor connecting undocumented youth to available scholarships and on campus resources. Currently he is pursuing a M.A. in Education in Policy, Organization, and Leadership studies at Stanford University.

Migration Encounters Team Member Sergio Diaz

Anita Isaacs

Anita Isaacs is the Benjamin R. Collins Professor of Social Sciences and Professor of Political Science at Haverford College. She teaches and writes about Latin American politics and immigration and has published opinion articles in the New York Times and the Washington Post (many written in collaboration with Anne Preston.) The daughter of a refugee from Nazi Germany, Anita grew up in Montreal, studied political science at McGill University and obtained a doctorate in politics from the University of Oxford before immigrating to the United States.

Migration Encounters Team Member Anita Isaacs

Patrick Montero

Patrick Montero has been a Photography Editor for over 15 years. He made the leap into photo editing in 2004 starting at the New York Daily News where he helped lead the web photo department. He then moved to Emmaus, Pennsylvania to join Rodale Inc. as the Photography Editor for Organic Gardening Magazine. Currently, Patrick manages the photography and video departments at Haverford College.

Migration Encounters Team Member Patrick Montero

Anne Preston

Anne Preston is a labor economist at Haverford College. Before turning her attention to immigration issues, she was widely published in issues related to the nonprofit sector, science and engineering careers, and employment differences by gender, race, and sexual orientation.

Migration Encounters Team Member Anne Preston

Luisa Rodriguez

Luisa Rodriguez was born in Michoacan, Mexico. When she was six her mother took Luisa and her two younger sisters to the United States illegally, fleeing an abusive husband. At the age of 17 Luisa decided to return to Mexico in order to pursue a college education. She studied International Relations and considers herself a citizen of the world. Recently Luisa embarked on a mission, going back to school to study law in order to gain the tools she needs to help others in a position similar to hers -- back in a country they don’t know and trying to navigate a system that’s rigged against them.

Migration Encounters Team Member Luisa Rodriguez

Pablo Wolfe

Pablo Wolfe is the Founder of the Coalition of Civically Engaged Educators. He's been a D.C. public school administrator, a staff developer with the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, and a teacher in New York City public schools. He is co-author of The Civically Engaged Classroom: Reading, Writing, and Speaking for Change. In all of these roles he has sought to make school a training ground for civic life. Inspired by his abuela's experiences as a Puerto Rican woman attending college in New York City in the 1940's, Pablo strives to honor her spirit through his writing, staff development and teaching.

Migration Encounters Team Member Pablo Wolfe

Contributors in the field

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Isabel Canning

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